Jack the man that wherever he lays his hat he calls home. A life spent in music as a Dj, Producer, Engineer, Radio Presenter, Jack has many different faces and Names when it comes to the music industry.
The Radio Presenter
The Producer making his own tracks since the early 90's
Ghost writer
The Dance DJ that plays house / techno / tribal at clubs festivals worldwide
For many years a record label owner / promoter running dance events as well as owning and running bars / pubs and clubs.
Getting Jack to write anything about himself impossible, getting Jack to talk impossible to Stop.

Gail currently presents her "Gail Force" show and a Classic Music show. 
Gail is a life-long music lover of everything from Heavy Rock to Classic Opera and prior to starting with Smooth FM, had presented her Rock & Blues Show on Valle Radio for 5 years, before Valle moved to Benidorm.
Gail has lived in Spain on a permanent basis for 14 years and currently lives in a 300-year old cortijo in the Almanzora Valley.

A south east London boy, born and bred, and a Milwall fan obviously. I went to Forest Hills boys school where i had my first encounter with radio.
I joined the radio club where we made "mini shows" and presented to the school. The main claim to fame was at 15yrs old we got to present on Capital Radio. I've had a varied career since then but notably owning my own estate agency and finally my own pub. I would call myself an estate agent if pressed.
The pub was a live music venue which we had for 5 yrs, it rekindled my love of music. Now living in Spain i am delighted to be allowed to play with the knobs at Smooth FM.
Its like starting over at 15, a kid in a sweetie shop

Having recently relocated from Southend On Sea with his family to Almeria Spain, Geoff has been involved in the entertainment industry for many years, starting as a stand up comedian before joining a 5 piece band as a bass player, then later gave up his job as a sales representative to DJ on the local circuit.
He also served in the Forces and served as a combat Medic for 6 years.
Geoff says.... "I am delighted to be joining the team at 89.8 Smooth FM. and I will be bringing you the Feelgood factor."

Richard was born in Birmingham, but lived in the North East of England for 33 years.
He worked in the oil transport industry in the Midlands for three years, then moved on to teach ice skating and produce ice shows in Durham City after winning the British Primary Ice Dance Championship in 1967.
Finally he worked for the Rank Organisation all over the NE of England and throughout Scotland for over 23 years.
He moved with his wife Eleanor to Spain in September 2001 and says it is the best thing he has ever done. His interests here in Spain are Smooth FM radio, Line Dancing, Driving and Gardening
Richard Bond features every Monday on the Jack Savage Show. He is our roving reporter for local info and all charity events and weekly updates.

Since leaving school at 15 years old, presenting for Smooth FM is only my third ever job!.
Ex Chef and Employee of a bank now the oldest apprentice at Smooth Radio.
Been a scooter boy since 17 and love the music.
All I want to do now is to share it with all the listeners.

Originally from the midlands but always a gypsy at heart. Loves travel, new adventures and languages. I am a big believer in trying the local lingo and find that the more you try, the more they want to help you succeed
I am a keen crafter, love reading, writing and a former CB'er.
I have a passion for music, although country is my main love, am happy to play all types as long as it is verbally clean and respectful.

Ricky began his DJ career back in the early ninetiesricky1 and as such has travelled to far flung places including, China, Bahrain, Dubai, Algiers and Greece

Ricky brings his own brand of chaos to the afternoon shows playing all manner of genres but he particularly enjoys club anthems, R&B, hip hop, soul, urban, dance & house.

Paul Wood (Woody) is from Manchester. He is a keen traveler and an avid music lover, primarily Rock Indie and Punk.
His favorite saying is `if its too loud your too old!
Hobbies include Football, darts, pool tenpin bowling, motorbikes and general DIY.
Paul is happy to tell everyone that the best thing to ever happen to him is meeting his partner Annelie who grounds him.
Although Paul has never worked in radio before joining 89.8 Smooth FM he has and always will have a deep feeling for music.

I first got the radio bug when I was at school and I used to put two ancient hi-fi systems together and record my own shows
on a flat deck tape player (thankfully these tapes no longer exist).
Many years later at college in 1991, I worked on a charity station called Radio Cracker and knew this is what I wanted to do,
however with other things taking off I never really found the opportunity to pursue this until 2010
when a visit to the studios of Skyline Radio in Southampton reignited my enthusiasm for radio.

Born and raised in Liverpool Stan ran mobile discos through the 60´s through until 80´s.
Worked on local radio in England and also ran pubs and clubs until his retirement to Spain.
Now lives in Almanzora.

A Scot from Edinburgh but at university in Glasgow, I embarked on my radio career at Radio Clyde in the Newsroom. But I found the attraction of teaching Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and French was too strong to resist.

In 1985 I moved abroad (to England!) and managed to own a restaurant while teaching part-time. It was then I had a regular Sunday Nostalgia programme on Yorkshire Dales Radio, then on the internet and after I finally retired from teaching, I found myself doing a daily breakfast show on a community radio station in Yorkshire.

Born and bred in Bristol. Began working for the BBC at the age of sixteen and continued to do so for the next twelve years 
During this time, I managed a couple of bands, one of which supported the Jam, before becoming a club DJ both in the UK and internationally.
In 1984, I organised the first Band aid appeal in the country and thanks to Mr Geldoff, was the first to show the "Do they know it's Christmas" video, even beating Top of the Pops.