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From a very early age there was always music of one form or another in my life. Mostly from the radio, although there was always live music from ‘my mum’ who used to sing as she went about her day to day chores.
My mother’s brothers, of which there were five, all played some form of musical instrument. I could never get any further than a trombone which I played in the junior band of the Salvation Army.
I decided then that if I was ever going to be an entertainer, I would have to use the talents of others to provide the music, and the answer was to ‘get on the radio’.

I actually started many miles from here in the USA, and quite by accident really. Too long a story to include it here, but sitting in a bar in the City of New York with some people I was working with at the time, when I was approached by a ‘scout’ from WKBW who said they were looking for an ‘English Voice’ for their radio station.
Cutting a long story even shorter, I went some weeks later to their studios in ‘Buffalo’ and did a voice test: The rest , as they say was history, well for almost 18 months anyway when despite being offered many spots on air with other stations, I decided to come home. Probably not the smartest career move I have ever made. I never really got on to any “Big” station in the UK, although I did work for several, but never under a full contract, just filling in.
From then on I had drifted around, doing lots of ‘road shows’ working in some of the top clubs in the land, and alongside some of the biggest names in the entertainment field. So now, after many years of travelling, living out of suitcases, I came back to Radio, firstly in the UK, but now in Sunny Spain on Smooth Radio, 89.8 fm.