Born into a world of music and musicians in the days of the old ‘steam radio’ we had no television only the radio which brought the world into our houses and lives. Music was then a first love, even on the BBC light service; however when I could get a good signal ‘Radio Luxemburg’ was the station to listen to.
I missed out on the Pirate Radio era as I was wandering around in deep jungle many miles from here, the nearest we got to ‘pop music’ was the forces radio station in Singapore. I did not however everlose my love for music, and in later life I actually got to present music over the airwaves in the Americas’ in a little state called New York, oh no, not the City, but the state. We actually transmitted from Buffalo which to be honest is the other side ofthe country, but still in ‘New York State’.
Many years have passed, much water has flowed. Long story, but from those early days and with a good grounding in radio I have kept myself busy in the business and industry that we all know as Radio.Although never a seeker of fame, I have appeared with many of the top names in music and radio over those years and had a name as being a very reliable and versatile presenter and MC. Illness has caused me to pack in a few times, but once in the blood, it can never be removed, and so I hope to remain, if not at the top of the tree, somewhere within the branches on Smooth FM.