Born and bred in Bristol. Began working for the BBC at the age of sixteen and continued to do so for the next twelve years 
During this time, I managed a couple of bands, one of which supported the Jam, before becoming a club DJ both in the UK and internationally.
In 1984, I organised the first Band aid appeal in the country and thanks to Mr Geldoff, was the first to show the "Do they know it's Christmas" video, even beating Top of the Pops.

Having retired from doing live gigs in 1990. I was somehow persuaded (I think alcohol may have been involved) to do another live show using my favorite medium, vinyl, which I still use to this day. Moved to Spain about three years ago and much to my surprise, here I am on Smooth. I only have one hobby and that's to beat Jack Savage to the Who am I? Quiz on the breakfast show.